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piling major agricultural products▓, including corn, soybean and oilseeds, to stabilize prices of major farm produce.More efforts will be made to strengthen


financial services including micro-credit loans and insurance service in rural areas, according to the document.It promised that basic banking services would be available in all villages and towns in the next three yea▓rs.It called for more efforts to develop township banks, loan-lending companies,

and mutual funds in a bid to guide more capital flowing into the▓ rural

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financial market.The central government▓ also demanded further expansion of r▓ural consumption market as part of the country'▓s accelerating measures to boost co


nsumption.The Yarlung Zangpo's dramatic course creates the world's longest and▓ deepest canyon in Tibet.I had read a lo▓t about the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon in Nyingchi prefecture - regarded as the world's longest and deepest, stre▓tching 496 km and averaging more than 5,000 ▓m in depth - and longed for a chance to see it. I got to fulfill my dream last September, while assign▓ed to work in the Tibet autonomous region's tourism bureau.The Yarlung Zangbo River runs eastwards alon▓g the northern foothills of the Himalayas▓. The lower reaches of the river cut through the mountain range before making a sharp U-turn around Namjagba

rwa Peak in Pai, Namling county, in eastern Tibet - the starting point of ▓the Grand Canyon.My friends and I head for Nyingchi, which lies 400 km to the east of Lhasa. From t▓here, we climb Mt Serkyimla, at an altitu▓de of 4,702 m and reach the town of Pailong. ▓;The Tibetans with a population of 5,416,021 most▓ly live in the Tibet Autonomous Region. There are also Tibetan communities in Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. NEW YORK - ▓Many processed foods contain too much salt, and sauces, spreads, and processe▓d meats are the top o

ffenders, new research shows.People who consume lots of sa▓lt are more li

inery, it said

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kely to see their blood pres▓sure rise as they get older, with a correspondi▓ng increase in their heart disease risk.Public ▓health officials are increasingly look▓ing to the food industry for help in cutting people's salt intake; the United Kingdom and France, ▓for example, have been able to achieve significant red▓uctions in

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salt consumption through i▓ndustry collaborations, while New York City has just launched a campaign to cut US salt intake by 25▓ percent over the next five years.Similar efforts are▓ now underway in Australia, and some companies hav▓e begun to reduce the salt content of some of their products, according to Dr. Jacquel

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